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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Songs From the Heart

In the past I've often been asked, "Who is the best group in a live performance?" My answer, "That's a hard choice since I've seen YES four times, Jimmy Buffett on three occasions, and Clapton twice." Well folks, earlier tonight that answer changed. Beyond a shadow of any doubt Celtic Woman is so far in front it's almost pathetic. Why? Several aspects come into play. Everyone is stunning. They are even prettier live than on DVDs - by far! They seem genuine. It shows in their music, manners and gratitude. Talent! Sitting there with goosebumps, tears rolling down my cheeks, barely able to speak, they became Sirens to my Odysseus.

They DO NOT make mistakes. This live performance blew away everything I have seen to date. They have such beautiful voices it's hard to choose who is best. They are far more animated than anything seen on PBS or DVD. Mairead, the Violinist, is just not satisfied standing in one place. Chloe ended a song on a high note that was powerfully sustained and got screams of glee as everyone rose to show respect. Lisa Lambe wooed the audience with a bright smile, wonderful Irish accent and a short tale about her fantastic solo performance sung in Gaelic. As we stood and cheered Lisa Kelly's rendition of The Moon's a Harsh Mistress I turned to MJ and said, "Okay, now I can die." Kudos to all the great musicians, pipes a piping and drums a drumming, instruments strumming while the support singers created a majestic background. Props to the sound engineers and lighting effects crew as well. A grand evening with fantastic musicians and a beautiful program. As the Bagpiper entered from the rear of the audience playing Amazing Grace God worked some magic and the audience became whole, steeped in the spirituality of this well known moving song.

Life has been rough of late. I've constantly shored up my vessel and prayed a lot. Family and friends have kept me from sinking in the water. Last night God gave me a chance to count my blessings. I did. MJ and Joe thank you. Thank you. Brandon, I am glad you enjoyed it. Good to see young people being appreciative of real music and real talent. What a great evening. My dreams will fair better now. Many thanks to my family and friends. I am sincere when I say, "I am not worthy."

"Once again I am mesmerized by the pure ease and beauty by which 'Celtic Woman' perform. A true talent that is a joy to behold and be a part of..."
~Daryn Crosbie, Stage Director


feleciab said...

Glad you got to go and enjoy yourself!. Got some more good news Go check the Guildwars2 wiki FAQ. It seems that arenanet has let slip that there will be closed alpha and beta tests early this year to determine when GW2 will be released.

beagle said...

Great post, glad you had fun! :) We need to catch up soon!