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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

About Time, Huh?

My soul  compels me to write something here.  Life has taken a huge toll and my spitting in its eye has been toned down quite a bit in the past few months.  The rebel spirit has fought a long strenuous battle and after death  God will decide the outcome.  It's in His hands, always has been...

Health issues are responsible to a large degree for my absence concerning Cybersouth. This site celebrated a 10th anniversary last month and there was not a post all month.  Sorry.  It will be spotty, intermittent for a while.  If I decide to shut down it will be announced.  I realize it has evolved into a 'live journal' and really serves no purpose.  We will see.

I miss Kristi a lot.  It's been said that the hardest thing a human being can do is lose a child.  I can truly testify.  She is constantly with me.  Trust me, this wound in my heart will never heal.  Dealing with it is still tough.  I wish those that have deserted me would get in touch.  It's easier to talk about it.  The subject of her death has become not as frequent today.

Thanks Beagle, Mudslingr, Purple Giraffe,  Diamond Dave, MSU Michelle, MJR and staff, CC n  Neal, sis Forest, Jay, Larry D and family, Larry (Bear) E, Murf,  Lyn , Greg, brother Daddy Dan and family, Bill M, Melinda, Maryke, Steve n Joyce, Sir Shane and Lady Beth, Tanner the Ugly Necro, Dean the Axe man,  Buckhorn Rob, Brandon, Kyle, Ty, Trish,  Chris n JJ, Mom, Chris n Tina  and many more for all the support and a special TYVM for those that have been staying in touch with me.  What incredible help!  If I didn't mention your name please forgive me.  The mental and physical motors are not 100%.

In two days an age milestone hits the beach house.  Such an amazing ride.  Hopefully it's not over.  Just have to wait n see, don't we?

"Let us endeavor so to live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry."
~Mark Twain


Grasshoppa said...

Apologies, my friend, for my absence in keeping in touch. Also apologize to all our other comrades for being MIA. With life in general, work, the cancer issues with Tina's dad, just haven't been ourselves much. We've been just keeping to ourselves, and this will pass. I am truly sorry if I haven't been there for you, pal. I don't do well with "overwhelmed" but that's no excuse for not being a good friend when needed. I'll try to be better.

Dock said...

np,certainly understand, Tina's Dad and all are in my prayers. TY for commenting