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Monday, January 21, 2013

Foundation of Mike

Folks, God didn't put you here for me to like, dislike or judge you.   In His great wisdom, He made us all and we are different no doubt.  That said, my level of tolerance varies somewhat.  Rarely do I adore someone and my efforts to not hate are taken to task at times.

Since the return from Vietnam my life has been a continual panic attack.  Sometimes tolerable and sometimes not.  It has been my great fortune to interact with people I tolerate - yes some I do adore.  Number one on that list is my daughter, Mimi.  You don't get any better.  So there.  I said it and should have long ago.  Kristi passed away in November last year.  Up until then, there were two number ones.

My extended family is most time friends.  My Mother is adorable.  Grand lady.  She still makes me smile.  My brother is liked by most people, usually moreso than me.  That's okay.  Good fella.  I love them both.  Yes, I would die without hesitation to save any of them.  Precious, in a non-Gollum way, comes to mind.

God willing, the next post will be interesting....

Well, maybe to a select few.

Hoppa, prayers for you and with you.


Grasshoppa said...

Thanks pal. Love ya bro.

Grasshoppa said...

Thanks pal. Love ya bro.

beagle said...

Thanks and As usual you know where we are if you need us, call anytime!

Anonymous said...
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Dock said...

TYVM, will return the Good Lord willing