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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Honoring Our Angel

Arrangements for Kristi are:

Visitation from 5 until 8 Friday night at Collierville Funeral Home, 534 Poplar, Collierville, TN

Funeral will be Saturday 10:00am,  at the Magnolia Cemetery which is close to the square in
downtown Colliervile, TN

My thanks to all the heartfelt responses and assistance during this emotional, dark time.  Kristi would be embarrassed by all the attention.  Needless to say,  it's well deserved.  No doubt I will keep posting as time permits.  Please understand if I don't respond to your phone calls immediately.

In the meantime, if you are in conflict with a loved one, stop it. Immediately.  Hug them and say I love you.  Never, never be shy about showing love, concern and compassion to those close to you.  I had a brief, positive and cheerful conversation with Kristi the day before all this happened and we ended it by telling each other 'love ya' - thank God.

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