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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

TS Parts are Ordered

Parts have been shipped and should arrive tomorrow. Will keep you posted. My cry yesterday for relief from the anxiety revolving around this crisis has been ignored. Fighting to overcome a bad case of food poisoning stacked on top of broken lawn mowers, a severe case of lackodefundsitis, the damned VA Administration, two servers that are benched and not cooperating, a cell phone that is still not quite up to par, plus phone calls about Teamspeak are all combining to send my blood pressure through the roof. Will take an additional dose of Clonidine midday and if my sight does not improve, it's time for hospital.

Yes, I am grouchy. I don't feel good. Again, I truly think prayer helps. Hope everyone has "a better than expected day" (one of my favorite quotes from EdC).

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