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Sunday, December 26, 2010

CBS-TV Embed and Share Policy Sucks

Have spent over and hour trying to post a clip from The Big Bang Theory. No matter what I try they block it. Anyway if you want to see it go to YouTube and search for Penny's Christmas Gift to Sheldon. Thanks Ashy for sending the clip. If anyone knows how to embed or even link it please email me at cybersouth@gmail.com. Please use email instead of comments: HTML has a way of going haywire there, lol.

Since CBS-TV is run by a bunch of baboon butt-heads I shouldn't even encourage watching their product...but the show is sooooo funny. FOX, NBC and ABC actually encourage links! This wasn't much of a post. Frustrated now. Will go kill something in Guild Wars. Later

"A lot of people are disagreeable or irascible, or even jerks. But for something to be offensive, that's demeaning to you or humanity it's a repugnant characterization of a dear friend."

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